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Mountain Bike Trail

Windsong Ranch Mountain Bike Trail Map


Located west of the Crosswater neighborhood and south of Fishtrap Road, the mountain bike trail is comprised of three different loops. The green loop is the beginner (kid-friendly), the yellow loop is intermediate, and the blue loop is for advanced riders.

How to Access

Residents may access the amenity by parking in the Yellowcress Drive cul-de-sac (red star), following the hike and bike trail to a dead end, and walking parallel to the tree line away from Gee Road (red line). See the map below.


Bicyclists must ride in the clockwise direction around the loops. Pedestrians may use the trails as long as they go in the counter-clockwise direction. The respective loop entrances will be labeled with either a bicycle or pedestrian to signify direction.

Note: When inclement weather occurs the mountain bike trail will have to be closed.

Trail Rules

  • The trails are open dawn to dusk.
  • Helmets are highly recommended to be worn at all times while on a bike.
  • Stay on the maintained trails at all times.
  • Do not use the trails when wet.
  • Do not alter the trails.
  • If you are unable to tackle a technical area on bike, please walk through it.
  • Stay alert and aware of other trails users.
  • Cyclists must yield to pedestrians.
  • Use of earbuds/headphones are strongly discouraged.
  • Keep right, pass on the left, and warn before passing.
  • No stopping on bridges.
  • Respect wildlife – do not spook or chase animals.
  • No horses or motorized vehicles.
  • Dogs should be on a leash – pick up after your pet.
  • Pack out all of your trash – “Leave no trace”.