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Personal Vessel Permits

For residents who own a kayak, stand up paddleboard, or an inflatable canoe, you may use your personal vessel at THE LAGOON after receiving a permit sticker. To receive the permit sticker, you will need to undergo an inspection by the HOA staff to ensure it is safe and will not damage the liner of THE LAGOON.

No vessel is allowed to be motorized or use a pedal system. No part of the vessel that will be submerged can contain any metal components. 

Coast Guard Approved Personal Floatation Devices must be worn at all times while using the vessel.Along with following the manufacturer's weight capacity and occupancy limit, water vessels must also follow the respective size and occupancy limits set by the HOA below.

Kayaks Stand Up Paddleboards Inflatable Canoes/Kayaks/Boats
  • 1,2, and 2.5 seat kayaks are allowed to be used
  • Single kayaks must not exceed 12 ft. in length
  • Tandem kayaks must not exceed 14 ft. in length
  • May be sit-on or sit-in models; sit-in models may not have an attached skirt
  • Must be no longer than 14 ft. in length
  • Must have a leash that is worn at all times while in use
  • 1, 2, and 3-seat inflatables are allowed to be used
  • Single seat vessels must not exceed 12 ft. in length
  • Tandem vessels must not exceed 14 ft. in length

Attend one of the days and times below to get approved for a water vessel permit. If you cannot make one of these sessions, inspections must be made by appointment with the HOA staff by emailing windsongvessels@ccmcnet.com. Please fill out a Water Vessel Agreement Form before attending one of the permit sessions or setting an appointment.


Q: Can I bring in a picture of my kayak to get a permit?

A: No. The HOA staff must place the permit sticker on the vessel themselves so the vessel must be brought to The Commons for inspection.

Q: Can I get examples of what kayaks are approved?

A: Yes. Email windsongvessels@ccmcnet.com for examples of kayaks or stand up paddle boards. The list will not be exhaustive of all your options; it is only meant to give you an idea of what is allowed.