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Deep Water Swimming

Starting Tuesday, September 10th, we will be implementing a seasonal morning and evening deep water swimming time at THE LAGOON. Please see the schedule and policies for each session.

Deep Water Swimming Schedule
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
--- CLOSED 7-9:30am --- 7-9:30am --- ---
4pm-close CLOSED 4pm-close 4pm-close 4pm-close 4pm-close 4pm-close

Morning Session Policies

  1. This opportunity is intended for residents with the purpose of fitness and health, not for leisure. Only lap swimming will be allowed during this time.
  2. These morning times are prime maintenance hours so access to the beach will be closed; you must start from the docks.
  3. The pool vacuum and hose will be in use so be aware and swim around the crew.
  4. Floaties and personal water vessels will not be allowed.
  5. Unsupervised children will not be allowed.
  6. Residents must exit the facility by 9:30am to allow staff to prepare the facility for normal operations.

Evening Session Policies

  1. The eastern portion of THE LAGOON will be buoyed off to include the area east of the main dock for deep water swimming.
  2. Water vessels may not be used in this sectioned off area but can be used in the rest of THE LAGOON.