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The pool area at THE COMMONS can be enjoyed by the whole family featuring a lap pool and a splash pad for swimmers of all ages. After cooling off in the pools, there are thirteen cabanas for you to relax in and four natural gas grills available for your next barbeque. As it begins to cool down, stay warm next to our fireside patio or fire pit.

Pool Area Entry/Exit Process

  • We are now operating on a one-in, one-out policy in order to maintain a maximum occupancy of 96 patrons in the facility.
  • Our pool management staff will be stationed at the west gate to check you in. No other gates will be accessible from the outside, however, for fire-safety purposes, all gates will be functional from within the pool area for EXITING.
  • Upon confirmation of the appropriate signed waivers, each person will be issued a single-use wrist band.

Release, Waiver of Liability, Indemnity, and Assumption of Risk:

Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, users of the pool area will do so at their own risk and could potentially expose other members of the community to the virus. We will be requiring the completion of a Waiver to confirm acceptance of risk and affirmation that users and/or any members of the family do not pose risks to the community. 


Rules and Regulations

  • No running.
  • No boisterous or rough play.
  • No diving.
  • Appropriate swim attire is required.
  • Children should not use the pool without adult supervision.
  • Adults should not swim alone.
  • No persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs should use the pool.
  • No person with skin, eye, ear, or nasal infection is allowed in the pool.
  • No person with a communicable disease is allowed in the pool.
  • No animals or pets are allowed in the pool or on the deck. Those assisting the disabled are allowed on the deck.
  • All persons using the pool do so at their own risk. Owners and management are not responsible or accidents or injuries.
  • The pools are for private use. Members and guests only.
  • The maximum number of swimmers allowed in the lap pool is 193.
  • A first aid kit and AED are located in the information center.
  • Emergency telephones are located inside the north date, outside of the west gate, and by the fireplace.

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