Deep Water Swimming

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Deep Water Swimming

Reach your health and fitness goals by swimming long lengths at THE LAGOON. There are several options to take advantage of this opportunity. Read more about these below.

The water temperatures have fallen below the minimum threshold for safe swimming so, until further notice, the water at The Lagoon and The Commons pools will be closed. The pavilion area will remain open for your use as the weather permits. All winter weather closures will be communicated to residents through email.

General Swim

During operational hours, adults of 18 years of age or older are allowed to lap swim beyond the buoy lines without life preservers.

Early Morning Swim

Two days a week, Wednesday and Thursday, THE LAGOON will be open from 7:00 am to 9:30 am for a deep water swimming session. Since these sessions will take place outside of general operational hours, additional rules are in place. Before attending, please fill out the Deep Water Swimming Agreement.

  1. The deep water swimming early morning sessions are only available for Windsong Ranch residents in good standing with the HOA.
  2. This activity will take place during maintenance hours. All participants will start activity from either the west or east dock and are not allowed on the sand beaches or inside of the beach buoy lines. Participants must give right of way to the maintenance crew and any machinery operated by maintenance.
  3. Participants will swim in the general direction parallel to the long side of THE LAGOON. If you need to swim shorter repetitions, please use the area east of the eastern dock and give right of way to the participants swimming longer laps.
  4. Children will not be left unattended.
  5. All participants must be swimming with the intent of fitness and health, not for leisure. 
  6. Water vessels and inflatables will not be allowed. Only swimming aids will be allowed.
  7. Any violation of these rules may result in loss of or suspension of the privilege of deep water swimming.
Make sure to fill out the Facilities Use Agreement, COVID-19 Waiver, and Deep Water Swimming Agreement before participating.