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Water Vessel Information

Vessel Rentals
Paddle boards, single kayaks, and tandem kayaks will be available for rental at The Lagoon on a first-come, first-served basis starting at open until one hour before close on all operation days unless otherwise noted. The vessel storage area is located on the ground level of the platform deck, between the pavilion and the central beach area. You must fill out the Water Vessel Agreement and pay at the kiosk using a card. A staff member will help distribute equipment to your group. See the pricing below.

Senior residents will be given a discounted rate of half off for up to two water vessel rentals.

Water Vessel Rental Pricing

Personal Vessels
Residents are also able to take their own water vessels to THE LAGOON. In order to do so, residents must get their vessels registered with the HOA. You can do so anytime during our regular business hours. Make sure to read the Water Vessel Parameters. Each water vessel permit will cost $10 and your vessel must be present to be inspected.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Deep water access
    1. Individuals using a watercraft (under 14 must have a USCG-approved Personal
      Floatation Device) may be outside the designated swimming area.
    2. Adults (14+) using an inflatable or foam material lounger may be outside the
      designated swimming area without a USCG-approved PFD.
    3. Adults (14+) may access the deep waters for swimming purposes.
    4. Diving, flips, twists, back dives, and all other unsafe activities done from the dock
      or beach promenade are strictly prohibited.
    5. Jumping off the dock into the water vessel accessible waters is not allowed.
  2. All personal water vessels must undergo an inspection and receive an HOA-distributed
    permit to be used at The LAGOON.
  3. All persons under 14 using water vessels must wear a Coast Guard-approved Personal
    Floatation Device while in/on the water.
  4. Management and staff has the right to refuse any water vessel for any reason.
  5. At least one person on rental water vessels must be 14 years of age or older.

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